Watashi wa kyoushi desu/わたし は きょうし です!

Apparently I might be ok at this teaching malarkey.

I had to teach my first lesson today.  We were given a lesson from one of the textbooks and a pre-made lesson plan and supplements (props, posters etc), so in theory all we had to do was put the ingredients together, follow the recipe and bake the cake…

My cake came out almost on time, and not too shabby for a first attempt!

I planned the night before, went through the pre-made lesson plan in fine detail, and rewrote it so it would be easier for me to understand.  The only thing I didn’t have time for was a full run-through… But it turned out ok.  Basically I ran over by only 20/30 seconds, which is fine, so my timing was (amazingly) not a problem.  The only real problem was when I stuffed up in the middle and forgot a couple of things, and mixed a couple of things up.  But I can work on that.

We were given great feedback and given 3 things to specifically work on for tomorrow.  We have to teach the lesson again tomorrow, but this time to ‘real’ students.  When I say ‘real’, I really only mean that they are students and they are Japanese.  They’re probably going to be of a higher level than I’m teaching, and may have even done the lesson before.  I have loads of notes to go over before tomorrow’s class, but hopefully I can improve a lot on what I did today and give them a good lesson!

One thing I’m really pleased about is that my trainer seemed really, genuinely pleased with my ‘genkiness’ and general overall performance, which is great!  I didn’t feel too bad once I got going either… I felt pretty good up there, being a genki English teacher in Japan! 😀

I should sleep now… another bright and early start for me so I can prepare for class!

おやすみ なさい!

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