Sunshine, a confession, and another go at teaching…

I woke up this morning to a really beautiful sunny day in Nagoya. Perhaps the best weather I’ve seen yet. It was kind of a shame to be stuck inside all day working and sweating, but I did at least grab 5 minutes for some photos:




Ok, so I know that second one is kind of a picture of a carpark… but look at the sky! It’s been a while since I’ve seen sky that blue! 😀

Anyway… I have a confession to make… at my suggestion, where do you think we all went for lunch today? Hmm? Let me give you a hint… I was “lovin’ it”… Yep, that’s right, good old McDonald’s (Maccy D’s, Macca’s, Micky D’s… I’ve been learning a lot about American and Australian culture this week!). Yes, we went to Macca’s. And yes, it was my idea. Ok, so I’ve been ranting and raving about how I want a healthy meal, a vegetarian meal, right? But then a fellow trainee told me about ebi burgers… Oh my. Ebi means ‘prawn’, so basically it’s like a prawn patty. See here. And I have to confess it was truely yummy! It even filled me up for the rest of the day! I promise I won’t make a habit of it though…promise… 😉


More importantly than sunshine and ebi burgers, today I taught my first lesson to ‘real’ students.  They weren’t really real students though, as the two people I taught were really high level and way to advanced for what I was teaching them.  The lesson went pretty well, but their high level threw me, and I found myself under on time by around 10 minutes, with nothing prepared for an expansion exercise.  Crap.  I felt awful, because I did this on my interview too, so I know it’s my weak point.  I’m hoping that with time I can grab ideas from other lessons if this happens, because I’ll have more experience, but I’ve also learnt to always plan some back-up activities!

However, I did improve on the things I did badly yesterday, and we did all have fun, so that’s good!  I really enjoyed it actually, which I think was another problem in a way.  I got so into it that I forgot to keep a check on the time… oops.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to teach a higher level lesson (not to ‘real’ students though).  And we’re only actually teaching a part of the lesson.  But it’s going to be really tough!!  I need to spend the next hour or so preparing, then get up, drink lots of instant coffee, which I bought in Mini Stop, and then get right on with it I think! I’m quite nervous about this one as I’m really unprepared.

Worryingly, I discovered today that, after this training, and our 3-day handover with the person we’re replacing, we’re pretty much left to it!  They will come and check occasionally, but mostly we just go for it!  Woah.  I’m soooo not ready for that!!  And there they were today saying “yeah, get some hobbies, join some classes, take a trip in your free time…”.  Yeah, right.  I’ll be reading text books in my free time at this rate!

I’d better turn this damn machine off and get on with it, eh?  おやすみ なさい!

One thought on “Sunshine, a confession, and another go at teaching…

  1. I recognise where you are now. Just behind the train station. (rear shinkansen entrance!)

    In the second picture. The twisty building on the left. Maybe it’s finished now. That’s a fashion school ! ! A technical college just to teach fashion (and computer graphics too apparently). I thought it was Toyota headquarters or some big company when I saw it.

    If you go down the main street facing the front of the station there’s an Irish Pub on the right. Vegetarian Guinness! Good times.

    The only time I was in MacD’s (oh the shame) what impressed me was the power outlets provided for your laptop or keitai. Neat.
    As you’re not a tourist I think MacD’s is ok. (I’ve had minor arguments about this.)

    Glad your lesson went well. Good luck tomorrow.


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