Initial training day 5…

This week has just been a roller coaster of experiences!  My first lesson went well, my second was a little rocky, but I had another go today.  I was teaching a harder text, but still not the hardest.  It was a lesson about ‘auxilery verbs + Be’ (which, I confess, did freak me out when I first looked at it), but we only had to teach 17 minutes of a 50 minute lesson, and most of the prep work was done for us already.  My students were two other trainees, and one trainer observed.

And… it went well! 😀

Of course, there were plenty of things I could work on, but generally I managed to follow the instructions well, get it done on time, and have a bit of a laugh with my students.  I kept it pretty light and bouncy, and above all I’m thrilled that the trainer commented on my “good classroom English and facial expressions” – yay!  Surely if I have that, the rest will come with time!  On my first lesson the other trainer also wrote “good classroom presence – engaging with the students, friendly, easy to talk to, comfortable”.

So, it looks like I probably made the right career choice anyway, even it’s not going to be a breeze along the way (like I ever thought it would be – haha!).

I found myself thinking about my TEFL training a bit today too. They tell you that you don’t need any experience or training to come to Japan and teach English, but if anyone out there is thinking of doing it, I would totally recommend a weekend TEFL course or something similar.  I learnt so many useful things that I have already put into use, or that made me feel more confident and prepared – it was money well spent!

We had a team welcome lunch with two of the trainers and one of the bosses today, which was really lovely.  What stood out as being extra special was that not only was it a free lunch in a nice restaurant, they also took time to teach us customs and manners to use in a restaurant situation in Japan.  I knew most of it already, but it was really good to put it into practice in a ‘safe’ environment.  We all get a long really well too, so it was a fun lunch and a chance to kick-back a little.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is my last day of initial training (I then have a day off followed by 3 days of kids training).  We start at 11.00 and have to teach a lesson to ‘real’ students at 11.45… argh!  I have to prepare tonight, and then we’re all meeting in the lobby at 08.45 tomorrow morning to go in early and help each other out.  So I’d better get a good night’s sleep tonight!  My lesson is from one of the higher level textbooks (although still not really high level – I don’t think I’ll have too many high level students at my school) and it’s on “talking about illness” – yay.  :S

On the plus side, I have my welcome party with my Kurokawa school tomorrow night, so that’s something to really look forward to!  I had my laundry done today, so at least I can wear best suit and a clean shirt! 😉


2 thoughts on “Initial training day 5…

  1. Hi Ali,
    Well done you on the teaching score…I haven’t done any since the course!
    Best of luck and may it get better and better!
    Helen J x


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