Gimme, gimme, gimme fried chicken!

I had my welcome party with my new school tonight! We met n Nagoya City and went to Kurokawa together. As I walked into the school I was surrounded by people! It was quite overwhelming but so so lovely!! Everyone is really really nice and I think I’m going to have such a good time and enjoy it so much!

We went to a Chinese restaurant close-by, where you sit Japanese style on the floor with no shoes (ow!!). The food was lovely… but… I have another confession to make… I ate chicken. And I really liked it! As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been vegetarian for 10+ years now, although I did start to eat fish and seafood a couple of years ago. However, today I was finally faced with ‘eat chicken or don’t eat’. I mean, no one said it to me, of course, but the food was pre-ordered and so I had no choice. I could say ‘I don’t eat beef or pork’ but not really ‘I don’t eat meat’ – it would have been very rude!

So, I’m a new chicken convert, and I’ve been trying Nagoya’s finest cuisine: tebasaki (fried chicken wings). おいしい ですね! They’re really tasty!! Haha!

My party was so much fun! I didn’t drink any alcohol, as I wanted to try and remember people’s names and the things they said to me, and to make a good impression of course! I’m terrible at the names, but one of the students actually came to my lesson this afternoon, so I know her pretty well now. I also met another one of my students this afternoon at my lesson, and she was also really lovely! I’m so lucky to have such friendly people all around me straight from day one! Everyone seems really keen to learn about England too, which is great as I was worried that they’d be annoyed that I wasn’t American. 😉

So, today was my last day of initial training and I think it went pretty damn well! I’m certainly not getting cocky, but I had a really good time in my lesson and I didn’t stuff up in any major ways. Just a few minor errors, and I had some really useful feedback so I can work out what needs improvement and hopefully keep learning! I have a long way to go, but I feel like I’m on the right track and hopefully I’ll make a good teacher in Kurokawa! 😀

We all ‘graduated’ together, and so now I get to wear the company pin with pride, and call myself a teacher! It feels pretty cool! わたし は きょうし です! \(^o^)/

I have one day off in which to prepare for kids training… but right now it’s 3am and I really must go to bed!

おやすみ なさい!

One thought on “Gimme, gimme, gimme fried chicken!

  1. Oh my god honey! I can’t believe you ate chicken! Good on you though! I’m really glad you’re getting on so well and the place looks fabulous! Can’t wait to come and visit!

    Big hugs
    x x x


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