Posted in April 2008

Hard to find in Nagoya…

There’s this really useful website called Hard To Find in Nagoya, which I have used a few times now to try to find things here.  I would love to just adapt to Japanese life 100%, but I think it’s probably a slow process, and at the moment I still want cosmetics I recognise, food I … Continue reading

Sakae rocks… again!

I was delighted to find more free, live music in Sakae yesterday! I’m not sure exactly what I stumbled upon, but it seemed to be a bit more than just a ‘street live’ (the term used for bands just setting up and playing in the street)… There was a little merchandise table, and even a … Continue reading

Nagoya by foot: Meijo Koen to LA…

I decided to walk from Kurokawa into Sakae yesterday. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it all the way, but I was basically following the Meijo subway line, so I could always hop on the subway if I got bored or tired! It’s not far really, but it was bloomin’ hot yesterday! When I saw … Continue reading

Amusing signs in Nagoya…

I find myself amused by the smallest things sometimes: I’m not sure exactly what this one is trying to say… I mean, I understand the car part… but what’s with the fish?!

“Not my cup of tea”…

I’m in hysterics.  I’m listening to the radio, and they have this little English lesson thing.  Today’s topic seems to be “not my cup of tea”.  They just keep speaking in Japanese and repeating “not my cup of tea” really slowly!  haha.  I guess it’s probably quite a bizarre phrase for English learners to get … Continue reading

Cell phone!

I got my cell phone yesterday – yay! 😀 It’s very cute – and PINK, and has a million functions I have no hope of understanding!  haha. See all that paperwork? I have no idea what any of it is! haha.  When they gave me the bag it was full of all of these manuals … Continue reading

Tokugawa Art Museum

I went to the Tokugawa Art Museum in Nagoya yesterday. I’ll admit that I did think it might be a little dull, but it was actually really interesting! They had lots of information in English, too, so I could read about all of the artifacts. They had lots of displays. My favourite room was probably … Continue reading

Golden Week!

It’s the end of term! 😀 Well, it sort of is, for me, anyway. Tonight marks the beginning of Golden Week. Golden Week is a collection of four national holidays, which fall really close together, so because of this a lot of people take vacation and companies often close for a week. My company closes … Continue reading

げんき です!

きょう は とても いい です! わたし は ごがつ に にほんご の べんきょう を します! Today is good! In May, I will study Japanese! 😀 I went for an interview at IPE Academy in Imaike today.  It was pouring down with rain and, of course, I got there early.  So I decided to be brave and go to the little coffee shop below the school.  I usually stick to … Continue reading