New home!

I finally moved in to my apartment today – and it’s lovely!!  I’m so glad to be out of the hotel.  The Dai-ichi Fuji is a nice place, but it was a bit much living in a hotel for that long.

I was thrilled to discover that there is even a little shrine right by my apartment:

The company have really been very good, and they helped me out loads today.  They drove me and all my stuff down to my apartment (which is actually very close to my school), and helped me get everything in.  Then they made sure I knew how everything worked, gave me a new futon (and let me keep the old one!), helped me clean the air con, and then the head teacher even went out and bought me some basic groceries!  I was so grateful for these – just a tiny bag of pasta, some sauce, bread, margarine… it was perfect and meant I could cook some dinner without having to go out in the horrible rain!

I’m also fully equipped with the necessary Japanese cooking devices now:

Rice cooker

And an oven toaster!

I love my apartment, and I can’t wait to sleep in the ‘loft’ tonight!  The loft did turn out to be an elevated sleeping area.  It’s totally cool, and there’s even a TV up there.  The manager said “oh it’s only a small one” but I think it’s probably bigger than some people would have in their living rooms, and it’s my second TV!!  The one in the living room is massive!!

As I travelled to Kurokawa this morning the taxi driver took me past Nagoya Castle, which was in full bloom with sakura!  It was absolutely gorgeous and really made me feel so glad to be living in Japan.  Now I’m in my apartment, it’s really real, and I am so glad to be here! 😀

5 thoughts on “New home!

  1. So glad you are settled and happy 🙂
    Keep posting pictures (more of your apartment for example), I am so nosey!
    I am doing my homework today… I forgot everything!!!!!
    Tomorrow we start the third term and you’ll be missed 😦


  2. Haha – yeah, when I’ve unpacked I’ll try and post some more! Looks like a bomb’s hit it right now… :S

    Aw, I’m sure you’ll be fine and it will all come back to you! Say hi to everyone for me – I miss class too!! 😦



  3. Hi Ali its me

    Just wanted to say hi and i love the website it so cool and the pics are wicked!!!!!!!!!
    It sounds great to be out there.
    Sorry i need to homework about king arthur of camalot miss you lots



  4. Hi Ali – sorry I haven’t been in touch before, but you can see that I am checking that you are OK and happy. I will also contact Mum and make sure she is OK. Love to you


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