…Play hard!

I decided to have a proper day off today – and it’s been awesome!  I didn’t bring any work home, and I’ve tried not to think about it too much (there’ll be plenty of time for work tomorrow!).

Last night I went to the supermarket and did my first proper food shop.  I spent ages in there, and bought quite a bit.  It felt good to be stocking up on things, and to be exploring the food properly.  I do with I could read a little more of it though!  Hopefully with time I will be able to…

Anyway, I got back quite late, and ended up staying up til 2am watching Sex and The City on DVD on my laptop!  Sad, I know, but I can’t get any English speaking shows on my TV, and I just felt like vegging a bit! 😉

So… I woke up about 11am – which felt simply gorgeous!  I finally felt like I’d had enough sleep, and was actually ready to get up! It was a beautiful day, nice and warm, so I started with a little wander round the shrine near my apartment.

It’s really lovely to have something like that so close to where I live.  It’s only tiny, but it’s so peaceful and pretty.  There were some people playing badminton in the street nearby, and it just felt like an older, more innocent time, if that doesn’t sound too corny.

I spent most of the rest of the day shopping – which is my favourite thing to do!  haha!  Mostly I just needed to get boring things like coathangers, but I did also have a wander round the NHK Character shop in Oasis 21, and I treated myself to these fabulous Kiki’s Delivery Service slippers!  haha!

Well, a girl’s gotta have some treats… 😉

Oasis 21 is the shopping centre in Sakae.  I’ve been there before (a couple of years ago), and so it was lovely to go back and know my way around.  As soon as I entered from the subway I felt really happy to be somewhere familiar! There was some cool stuff there, which I didn’t see before:

A cool dinosaur hedge thing, and a funky clock sculpture!

However, by far the best part of my day came when I was stood on top of Oasis 21, attempting to admire the view, despite the growing clouds… when I heard music!  Live music!  I was very excited, as I’ve really missed going to gigs (something I used to do a lot in the UK).  So I followed the sound, and there it was – a gig!!  It was some kind of Chubu University thing – and the bands seemed quite young (and some in need of more practice!).  But it was live music, and I was really happy!



The next band waiting to go on:


Unfortunately, the rain came… but they did a good job of covering everything up with cardboard boxes!


See how they’re covering up the drums… whilst he’s still playing!  haha!

It was a shame to leave, but the rain got quite heavy.  I’ll have to go back another weekend and see if there’s any more music…

Later in the day the rain got so heavy that it was running down the streets in rivers, and I got drowned!  But it was still the best day since I got here! 😀

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