Work hard…

So, I survived a whole week on my own at work!  I had no major disasters, and only one kind of complaint (someone who has been coming a long time mentioned to the management that I skipped a part of the lesson – I only did this as we were running out of time and I wanted to get on to something more useful, but I guess some people are never happy).

All in all, it’s been a good week.  I’ve worked damn hard – often planning lessons in the wee hours – but it’s paid off and I’m feeling like it’s all sinking in a bit now.

I also feel like the kids lessons are going a lot better now.  They’re exhausting, but I think I’m getting on pretty well with the kids, and we’re having fun. 🙂

I’m going in to work on my day off tomorrow though.  I need to go with a colleague to open a bank account, and I also need to plan some of next week’s lessons.  I have one of the trainers coming to visit on Tuesday, so I need to make sure I’m ready for that!

I think one of the best parts of this week was Saturday.  I felt like all the lessons went pretty well, and I even managed to do a little ‘lobby talk’ with the students and have a bit of a laugh with them.  I bought a tomato shaped beanbag in Tokyu Hands the other day, and that’s helped SO much with chatting to the kids.  I just have to bring out Mr Tomato (his label actually says ‘Tomato San’!) and everyone goes crazy!  haha!

Here’s to another week – and it all getting easier with time! 😉

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