Japanese oddities…

I’m sure I will find many ‘crazy’ things whilst I’m here, and I intend to share them with the world!  As you know, I love Japan, and one of the things I love is that it’s just SO different to anything I’m used to.  It’s one of those places where you really can say “only in Japan…” 😉

So… I was in the supermarket earlier, and I noticed that they were playing that sort of piped ‘elevator music’ (don’t know how I didn’t notice it before!).  Well, as I was wandering around, I heard:

  • Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)
  • Puff The Magic Dragon
  • If You Wanna Be My Lover (Spice Girls)

What a combination!!  I can sort of understand Tears in Heaven, and maybe they can get away with the Spice Girls… but, Puff The Magic Dragon?!?!

Later, continuing my exploration of Japanese oddities, I discovered something which I just had to buy, simply so I could put a photo of it on this blog!

This has to be the most wrong thing I have ever seen…

Yes, that’s right, it’s a Hello Kitty kitchen knife.  What the?!  It’s like saying “hey kids, come play with this cool pink Hello Kitty toy…”.  Still, at least now I have something funky to cut my veg with… 😀

5 thoughts on “Japanese oddities…

  1. ah, that’s nothing. wait until you discover the hello kitty vibrator and tampons…eva airlines even has a hello kitty airplane.


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