Nagoya by foot: Meijo Koen to LA…

I decided to walk from Kurokawa into Sakae yesterday. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it all the way, but I was basically following the Meijo subway line, so I could always hop on the subway if I got bored or tired! It’s not far really, but it was bloomin’ hot yesterday!

When I saw this sign I couldn’t believe it! No wonder I was getting through the Pocari Sweat so fast!

I intended to just walk straight to Sakae, but when I reached Meijo Koen I couldn’t resist a peek inside. I was drawn in by this curious looking statue:

And soon found myself in a wonderful little summer paradise. It reminded me somehow of the past – like in movies about older, more innocent times. There were families everywhere, playing ball games, laughing, just enjoying Showa Day together. I couldn’t imagine England would ever look so happy and feel so good – there’d always been some gang of youths in the corner trying to make trouble or start a fire or something.

Baseball is huge in Japan!

There was even a cute windmill in the middle. Not sure why! It made it feel even more like a movie! haha!

It was really beautiful.

Meijo Koen is the park right next to Nagoya Castle:

I haven’t actually been to Nagoya Castle yet this time, but I did go two years ago.

I finally dragged myself away from the park and continued my walk. This map (here) will give you some idea of where I was walking. You can see Nagoya Castle at the top, then follow the purple line (Meijo subway line) down and you’ll see Shiyakusho station, which is actually so cool I took a photo:

Then follow the purple line down the right hand side of the page, through Hisaya Odori, to Nagoya TV Tower and Oasis 21.

Just before I got to the TV Tower I discovered something very cool indeed… Los Angeles. I’m not kidding! It turns out Nagoya is a sister city to LA, and so there’s a sort of mini-LA in Nagoya (it’s no wonder I loved LA so much when I went there last year!). Anyway, there’s this cool bridge:

And even a replica Walk of Fame!!

Even the view could be LA:

I find this really interesting, because when I went to LA last year, I thought Venice Beach was the closest I had ever been to Japan without being in Japan itself. It’s kinda crazy there, just like Japan. I also really felt that, if it wasn’t for the food and the clothes sizes, LA would be a pretty cool place to live. Well, I have the same problem with clothes here in Japan – but at least the food’s a hell of a lot better!

I’ve often wondered what the view from Nagoya TV Tower is like, so yesterday I decided to find out:



Of course, I finished my little tour with a Macha Frappuccino from Starbucks (my favourite!), whilst sitting in the Fields of Green park at Oasis 21.

What a beautiful day! 😀

2 thoughts on “Nagoya by foot: Meijo Koen to LA…

  1. あつかったね〜
    And it’s only April.

    One one of things I really like about Japan is that way public spaces are friendly and looked after. And children seem to be allowed to be children rather than miniature adults.
    And while kids are kids they don’t seem to be thuggish or destructive.

    It feels safe too. In Kyoto I came across a group of teenagers hanging out in an underground mall. In the UK you’d probably give them a wide berth. These seemed to have set up an impromptu homework club!


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