Sakae rocks… again!

I was delighted to find more free, live music in Sakae yesterday! I’m not sure exactly what I stumbled upon, but it seemed to be a bit more than just a ‘street live’ (the term used for bands just setting up and playing in the street)…

There was a little merchandise table, and even a running order. I arrived just as one band was finishing, but I hung around and saw one more support band and the headline act.

First I saw Defthline. They were a little bit heavy for me (a bit of growling in the vocals) but I still really enjoyed it and it was nice to rock out a bit! Here’s their website. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be on MySpace, and my phone battery died before I could video anything, so I can’t share any samples with you. But here are some pictures I took:



The headline band were Spyair. Here’s their website. Again, they don’t seem to be on MySpace, which is a shame. But I took some more photos (they were very photogenic!):






The lead singer was totally sweet, and at the end I actually met them all!! They were really lovely and going around shaking everyone’s hands and signing autographs for giggling girls! I have no idea how famous or not they are, but they seemed really lovely, and I really liked their music. 😀

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