Posted in May 2008

Rainy season…

Exiting the shop I’m struck by the smell of warm air and summer rain. Slowly wander home beaming into the darkness like a fool in love. Today is warm and wet, and it’s been very humid at school. But, this evening, Nagoya smells good. All the way home I was taking massive breaths just to … Continue reading

Now offering email alerts…!

Yes, Haikugirl’s Japan is now offering email alerts! If you’d like to receive an email every time I post a new blog, just click on the following link: Subscribe to Haikugirl’s Japan by Email Happy subscribing!  😀

Food of the future…

It shouldn’t be surprising that I have discovered the food of the future in Japan. Of all the places in the world, I would certainly expect to find it here. Ever had that problem, where you really wish you could eat a yoghurt whilst you’re walking down the street but it’s just not possible? Well, … Continue reading

Thai Festival…

Yesterday I went to a Thai Festival in Nagoya. Nagoya really seems to know how to do its festivals and celebrations. This was a well organised and very enjoyable event. I couldn’t help compare it to similar festivals I’ve been to in London. London is good at putting on multicultural events, but they are always … Continue reading

Chin chin…

Yes, the people who wrote our kids textbooks are having a laugh, somewhere in their offices where they don’t actually have to teach lessons to real children. Who’s bright idea was it, when teach ‘C’ ‘H’ says ‘ch ch ch’ to use the words ‘chips’, ‘lunch’ and… ‘chin’?  When teaching these important phonics words, I … Continue reading

Graffiti Bunny

I discovered a Japanese artist who I think is really cool! Check out Kaori Wakamatsu at You can buy postcards of Kaori Wakamatsu’s work in Loft, as I have done! My apartment is looking a lot brighter now! Check out the website. It’s written in Japanese, but that doesn’t stop you from looking at … Continue reading


JapanSoc is a “social bookmarking site, devoted to news and stories about Japan” so, I really thought it was about time I promoted it a little on my blog! Obviously, I think it’s a great idea to have a website devoted to stuff about Japan, seeing as that’s what I’ve been doing here for a … Continue reading