Osu – land of the strange…

I went to Osu with some friends yesterday.  I had been told it was like the Harajuku of Nagoya. This isn’t really quite so, but I can see why people say it.

Actually, when I got there I realised I had been before!  My friend Ed must have taken me here when I first came to Japan two years ago.  I recognised Osu Kannon Temple:

…and the giant cat:

…and the giant devil mural painted near the temple:

Osu is quite a geeky place – lots of arcades and otaku products.  So, naturally, we went to an arcade to play some computer games…

Jeff and Cory played this Gundam game, but I just sat in and watched.  I prefer Dance Dance Revolution (which was so much fun!) and wasting my money on grabbing machines full of adorable stuffed toys…

Sadly I didn’t win anything.  But we did have a go in one of these photo-booths!

I’ve never been in a proper Japanese one before, just the imitation ones they have in London.  It was SO cool!  You basically get to pose for a bunch of silly photos, and then you can ‘draw’ all over them using the onscreen graphics and stylus pen, and then you get a bunch of little photos to chop up and share!

They even provide scissors!

Here’s the results (apologies for the bad quality – I don’t have a scanner):

However, amazingly, we weren’t the strangest things in Osu that day.  Here’s a selection of the weird and wonderful delights of Osu…






Poor ‘Gramorous Bambi’… she may love London, but she needs a little help with her Engrish! 😉

After sampling the weird and wonderful in Osu, we found ourselves back in Sakae, ready to sample a few drinks.  One menu held another Engrish delight…

My friend even tried to explain to the barman that the space between the words created a very different meaning… but I don’t think he understood!

It’s actually very hard to find a ‘pub’ in Sakae.  We spent quite some time playing a new game called ‘ride the elevator in the multistory building and try to work out what’s happening on each floor’! Most buildings seem to have between 5 and 10 floors, so we rode a few elevators in search of a pub or bar which would (a) be reasonably priced, (b) be open (for some reason, most weren’t!) and (c) let us in… It turns out some places are ‘members only’.  To be a member, you only have to be Japanese.  But, of course, we weren’t.

I get the impression they probably get a fair bit of trouble from gaijin in Sakae, so it’s no wonder they have to be careful about who they let in… and they have to post signs like this in the stairways…

Interesting… 😉

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