Food of the future…

It shouldn’t be surprising that I have discovered the food of the future in Japan. Of all the places in the world, I would certainly expect to find it here.

Ever had that problem, where you really wish you could eat a yoghurt whilst you’re walking down the street but it’s just not possible? Well, my friends, the problem has been solved… with squeezy yoghurt!

But the food of the future doesn’t stop there, oh no. I was very impressed by squeezy yogurt, but I recently discovered something even better… squeezy ice cream:

Yes, Coolish is my new favourite food! It’s just so convenient, and I can even take it on the subway!

Check out the ad on You Tube:

3 thoughts on “Food of the future…

  1. Actually, Dannon sells squeezable yogurt here in the States; I think it’s called Danimals. I haven’t seen squeezable soft serve ice cream, though. Good find.


  2. Squeezable yoghurt has been around in the Netherlands for several years now too, but I’ve never ever seen squeezable ice cream. I’m going to buy it next time I’m in a konbini.


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