Posted in May 2008

Teaching kids… it’s not all bad… :)

In a previous post, I mentioned how some of my younger students can be a bit cheeky sometimes. But hey, they’re kids, and that’s what kids do! But here’s why I enjoy teaching kids: One of my kids likes to come in early and draw me a picture on the whiteboard. I kept this one … Continue reading

New chocolate…

One of the most important aspects of travelling is sampling the local culinary delights.  That is why, whenever I travel to another country, I make it my mission to try ALL the new, sometimes bizarre, types of chocolate I can find! Here’s my latest discoveries: Caramel salt Kit Kats (taste kinda like popcorn) and tropical … Continue reading

Fish and ‘chips’, and ‘Irish’ pubs…

Last night I went with some friends and colleagues to a new ‘Irish’ pub in Nagoya, called The Glass Onion. I was very excited to go, and I wasn’t disappointed! Arriving was strange. I’m used to pubs just being there on the street, not being up one floor in a shiny elevator… But, nonetheless, when … Continue reading

日本語 の べんきょう – Lesson 2

きょう わたし は 日本語 の べんきょう を しました。 とても よかった ですね! Today I studied Japanese. It was really good! It was my second lesson, and I still left with a real buzz. Today we tried some listening exercises, as well as speaking, and also checked my homework. I was worried about doing the listening exercises, and I think my listening’s not so good, but I … Continue reading

My name in kanji!

I was a little gutted when I got my inkan, back in March, and it seemed there was no good way to write my name in kanji. 😦 It is traditional to always pick ‘good’ kanji for a name – you don’t want to end up with a name that means death or destruction or, … Continue reading

New sushi…

I’m very excited.  There’s a new sushi shop opening up right near my apartment.  Every day I walk past and check on its progress.  I’ve watched it being refitted inside and decorated outside, and it looks like it should be opening pretty soon. Today, when I walked past, I saw something I had never seen … Continue reading

Women in Japan

I saw something yesterday that got me thinking about the role of women in Japan. Japanese women are usually portrayed as very mild and subservient, and we often think of the classic image of the geisha serving the business man. Japanese women have a great deal of pressure on them to be the perfect housewives … Continue reading

There be monsters…

I *think* I saw a cockroach downstairs, outside my apartment building today.  Argh!!! I really hope it was just a big bug, but whatever it was I really hope it comes nowhere near me! I think I would totally freak out if I found one in my apartment… I searched the internet for advice and … Continue reading

日本語 の べんきょう – Lesson 1

きょう、わたし は IPE で 日本語 の べにょう を しました。 さいしょ の じゅぎょう です – たのしかった です! Today, I studied Japanese at IPE.  It was my first lesson and I really enjoyed it! 😀  (Not sure about the Japanese above – please correct me if I’m wrong!) I was a little nervous about finding the right place and starting to study again.  I decided to wear my … Continue reading