Picking a CD by its cover…

I know you should never pick a book by its cover, but how about CDs?  In the past, this has proven to be quite a successful way for me to find new music.  Well, today I was escaping the rain in Tower Records, when I realised I had some points I could spend.  So I decided to browse the new releases.

I saw this CD cover:

I was totally drawn to it.  It’s a wonderful picture – the perfect illustration of Japan today, with its wonderful clash of traditional and modern.  Look closely at it – it’s full of surprises!

Anyway, I listened to the CD and decided to buy it, thus discovering The Telephones.  This is NOT the American band, but a Japanese band with the same name, who rock a lot more.  You can check them out on their official website, or on MySpace.

Japan is their first full album, and I really like it.  It’s rocky, a little poppy, a bit punky in places, and very upbeat.  The lyrics are fun and the CD is really nicely packaged, which I think is important (else I’d just download it from somewhere!).  And, most importantly, because of the wonderful points system in Tower Records, it only cost me about £2.50!  😀

4 thoughts on “Picking a CD by its cover…

  1. Yeah, that’s one of the best thing about bargain sales – picking up cool looking CDs that turn out to sound awful but only cost a £1 so it doesn’t matter! 😉


  2. Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your blog. I am heading over to Japan soon to teach with the same company (I suspect anyway – my experiences so far have been identical) and it was great to get a first hand account of what to expect – thankyou for blogging about it. It sounds like you are having a great time!


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