Posted in August 2008

おどりましょう! (Let’s dance!)

Today I went to the Nippon Domannaka Festival, also known as Domatsuri.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be enormous and lots of fun!  Basically it’s a dance festival, where dancers from all over Japan gather in Nagoya to compete.  I didn’t watch the actual competition, just one of the … Continue reading

There’s more?!

You know I love Japan, right?  But I have a small bone to pick at the moment… Cockroaches, cicadas, rainy season, humidity… No one mentioned any of these things to me before I came!  I knew about the long working hours, the extreme politeness, and the possible earthquakes, but no one even made the slightest … Continue reading

日本語 の べんきょう

おはようございます! This week’s Japanese lesson was lots of fun!  I learnt all about describing people.  It can get quite complicated, for two reasons.  (1) There are different words for wearing clothes on different parts of the body (above the waist, below the waist etc), (2) Katakana.  Most of the new words I will share below … Continue reading

日本語 の べんきょう

こんにちは! Yes, I’ve stopped counting my lessons as I post them on my blog. I figured it would only get depressing when the numbers got really high! So, from now on, it’s just “日本語 の べんきょう” – my ongoing study of Japanese! 🙂 So… this week I studied ~ている, which is either (a) an action in progress, … Continue reading

Haiku Day

According to a friend, and (after a little bit of Googling) according to the Japanese version of Wikipedia, today (August 19th) is Haiku Day, or 俳句の日. I had no idea there was a day for celebrating haiku, and there doesn’t seem to be much information about it at all in English anywhere on the web. … Continue reading

Sunday Sunday… musings and reflections…

It was Sunday morning in Harajuku, and I walked past a Christian church. In the doorway were a Western man and woman, the woman with a baby hanging off her, greeting everyone in English as they poured into the church. I, on the other hand, was searching for a church of my own. Amongst palaces … Continue reading

Hotel Edoya and CityHotel Lonestar

I had the fortune of staying in two hotels worth mentioning whilst in Tokyo. First, my mum and I stayed in the Hotel Edoya, near Ueno. I booked via their website, which is in English and very helpful. On the website it gives a couple of routes to take to find the hotel. We chose … Continue reading