JLPT: The results are in…

…and… I PASSED! 😀

As many of you will know, last December I took level 3 (3 Kyuu) of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).  Some of you will also know that in December 2007 I tried 4 Kyuu and failed (although back then I barely knew half of what I needed for 4 Kyuu).

Yesterday, I heard that a couple of my friends had got their results and passed.  Whilst I was, of course, really pleased for them, I began to get nervous, and I managed to convince myself that there was no way I could have passed. After I finished the exam I didn’t feel exactly confident…

This morning, I watched my letter box for a couple of hours before going to work, and nothing came. When I came home from work I knew my results would be waiting for me.

Opening the letter felt something like when I got my A-Level results. I couldn’t really believe anything I was seeing and had to read it again and again to see if it really said “passed”.  It did. In fact, it said “This is to certify that the person named above has passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test given in December 2009, jointly administered by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services and the Japan Foundation“.

And here it is:

The pass mark for 3 Kyuu is 60%, and I got 65.75% (phew!). 57/100 for writing and vocab, 70/100 for listening (やっぱり!), and 136/200 for reading and grammar, which gives me a grand total of 263/400.  OK, so I passed by the skin of my teeth, but who cares? I passed!! 😀

I feel so relieved. It’s not that I needed to pass for my job or anything, but it’s so awesome to have something to show for all the effort I’ve put in. I’ve been studying Japanese since September 2006, so over 3 years now, and I just feel that it’s about time I had something to show for it! 😉

So, what now? 2 Kyuu?  Not on your life! Haha! I actually have no plan to take this exam again, at this stage. I know in the future I might need this qualification for a job, and at that stage I will study for 2 Kyuu and 1 Kyuu.  But now, I just want to relax, have fun, and enjoy using Japanese in my daily life to have conversations. Also I’m planning to watch a lot more Japanese movies and try to improve that way!

Finally, I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS  to everyone who passed this year! がんばったね!:D

8 thoughts on “JLPT: The results are in…

  1. 合格おめでとう〜♪

    I’m glad they didn’t put a photo on my certificates.

    By the way, there’s a new level between (old) 3 and 2, that takes the pain out of the huge jump to 2.



  2. Good job 🙂 Your results were similar to mine from a year ago, though you did a lot better on reading/grammar than I did. I had 78 on listening and 67 on vocab/kanji. My reading/grammar section was terrible, only 111. But I passed, too! 🙂

    Like you, I don’t have plans for the next test yet. I’ll go for the new 3kyuu when I’m ready, though.


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