Obon vacation part 8: Tokyo Bay Fireworks

On my mum’s last night in Tokyo, I wanted to take her somewhere special. The last night is always horrible because we both know she has to go home tomorrow, and if we don’t do something special we end up sitting around feeling sad. So, after a little searching on Google, I found that the Tokyo Bay Fireworks Display (Tokyo Bay Hanabi Taikai) was on, and figured that would be a perfect end to a fantastic week.

The whole walk along the Sumida River, which I’ve detailed in the last couple of blogs, was engineered to end up at Tokyo Bay. Basically, that day, in the scorching summer heat, we walked from Asakusa-bashi Station down to around Tsukishima Station (both on the Oedo Line).  According to Google Maps, that’s about 4.5 km, but with all of our detours it felt like more than that!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we reached Tokyo Bay. I guess I was kind of expecting the Ocean Day fireworks in Nagoya x10. Well, I have to say, despite the inevitable crowds and queueing, it was very very well organised. In fact, after the display, we managed to get on the subway within an hour. I was really impressed. When I’ve been to similar events in Nagoya (which must be smaller), it’s taken hours to get on a train and been very disorganised.  So, thumbs up to Tokyo for organising a wonderful event.

Naturally, I took loads of photos and a couple of videos. You can see the whole collection on Flickr.  Here are some highlights:

Tokyo Bay Fireworks

We were ushered in to the area for people who didn’t have tickets, and everyone found a space in a very orderly fashion. It was organised in just the same way as cars are directed to park in an overflow carpark. Most people had some kind of plastic sheet to sit on. I had no idea that I should bring one so we just sat on the ground.

Tokyo Bay Fireworks


Tokyo Bay Fireworks


Tokyo Bay Fireworks


Tokyo Bay Fireworks

Finally, here’s a video, which is on YouTube because it’s a little longer:

Japan really knows how to do fireworks, and Tokyo knows how to do them best, I think!  Unfortunately, I realised when we sat down that I didn’t have much space left on my camera’s memory card. I used a combination of my camera and cell phone to take these photos and videos. Actually, it was a good thing in a way, because after a while of snapping I realised that I didn’t have to capture every single firework from behind the lens. I realised that, if I did that, I might miss actually watching and enjoying the fireworks themselves. So, in-between the photos, I sat back, and enjoyed the display… 🙂

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