On September 26th, my friend and I took a little trip to Irago in Aichi Prefecture. She lives in Nagoya, and I live in Hamamatsu, so we met in the middle – Toyohashi – and took an Atsumi Line train from Shin-Toyohashi to Mikawa-Tahara, where we picked up a bus to the Garden Hotel.

The bus to the Garden Hotel

It was a special deal, where we had to have lunch at the Garden Hotel as part of the package. On the way there, the driver stopped at a メロン狩り (Melon Gari – Melon Picking) place. We didn’t actually do melon “picking” (not quite like strawberry picking, I imagine…), but we did buy some melons:

Musk Melon

I have to say, they were darn expensive! (1,500 Yen each!!) But… absolutely delicious! 😀

Along the route to the hotel it started getting really stormy. Not ideal weather for the beach, but great for watching a stormy sea.


When we reached the hotel, we had a buffet lunch. The food wasn’t bad, but the fish and chips did make me laugh. For the second time since I’ve been in Japan, I found myself eating fish and crisps. (Please note, I added the French fries to make it better!)

Buffet lunch, including fish and "chips" (crisps)

After lunch, we had a little walk around, but it was very windy, and not really walking weather.





Kazue and I in Irago

One thing Irago is famous for is its lighthouse. Unfortunately, because of the time and weather we didn’t have a chance to go there. I found some photos on the internet instead.  Irago looks like a beautiful place… on the right day! 😉

One thought on “Irago

  1. My husband and I went to Irago for our first anniversary! We stayed in the Irako View Hotel up on the cliff (the view was gorgeous!!!) and the onsen/spa they have is brand new and one of the best I’ve visited in Japan thus far! (Even has an outdoor bath that’s like an infinity pool). It was also close to the lighthouse and a nice, empty, clean beach. I believe the Irako also does day trips, (especially for spa use), if you ever visit again.


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