Posted in December 2010

My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 25th

Merry Christmas! メリークリスマス! I’ve enjoyed putting together these daily “Japanese Advent Calendar” posts and now, as a final Christmas Day post, here is a little video I put together of X’mas in Japan, 2008 – 2010. So, that’s it. Christmas is over for another year. Actually, it seemed to be over before it had even … Continue reading

My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 23rd

Yesterday I showed you some of the wonderful 3D Christmas cards available in Japan and commented that, actually, I have no idea who buys these cards as all my Japanese friends and students claim not to. As well as the 3D cards, there are some really beautiful Japanese themed Christmas cards available. Here’s a selection: … Continue reading

My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 22nd

Japan seems to have a fascination with elaborate, expensive, 3D Christmas cards. I received one, and bought a couple for myself out of curiosity… ☆★☆ ☆★☆ ☆★☆ The weird thing is, I can’t work out who actually buys these cards except us gaijin. Every Japanese person I have asked says they don’t really bother to … Continue reading

Kappa Sushi & Cats Cafe

When I first came to Japan I had the misconception that sushi would be everywhere and readily available. In a way, it is. I mean, you can buy sushi in the convenience store and it’s pretty good sushi. But I thought kaiten-zushi, or “conveyor belt sushi”, would be more common than it is. Anyway, my … Continue reading

Japan Firsts (Japan Blog Matsuri)

This month’s Japan Blog Matsuri theme is “Japan Firsts” and, as the end of the year is the perfect time for reflection, I thought I’d stop and think back to some “Japan Firsts” of my own. People often ask me how and when I first became interested in Japan. It’s a difficult question to answer … Continue reading

My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 19th

Today, I thought I’d celebrate Christmas in Japan with a selection of the Christmas trees I’ve discovered this year: ☆★☆ ☆★☆ ☆★☆ ☆★☆ ☆★☆ ☆★☆ ☆★☆ I’d also like to pay tribute to these Christmas trees with a cheesy rendition of “O Tannenbaum” in Japanese, which I found on YouTube: もみの木 もみの木 いつも みどりよ! 😉 ☆★☆ This post … Continue reading