My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 7th

Yesterday, I went for a walk and found this fellow…

Santa outside the lottery ticket shop

As far as I know, this place is a kind of lottery ticket shop. But it’s a strange place and usually has a nautical theme. There’s a big boat on the roof and lots of crabs and fish and things. I wonder if there’s some reason for this? Perhaps they sell seafood too? It’s actually one of the mysteries of Hamamatsu for me, and I can’t quite figure it out.  Anyway, they seem to be getting into the spirit of Christmas!

4 thoughts on “My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 7th

      • I’m staying at the Villa Fontaine and enjoying the area very much. I finally saw the Mannekin Pis at the station last night. Very festive!

        I haven’t walked north of the station, will have to do that soon before I go.

        Thanks for having such an informative and interesting blog!


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