My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 11th

I’m always excited when I see the red cups appear in Starbucks, because I know that means it’s officially Christmas! These Christmas drinks have been available since some time in November, and will disappear at the end of December, I think. In Japan this year, the Starbucks special Christmas drinks are: キャラメル エクレール ラテ (Caramel Eclair Latte), ナッティー ホワイト モカ (Nutty White Mocha) and ジンジャーブレッド ラテ (Gingerbread Latte). They’re all delicious! 😉

Starbucks Nutty White Mocha

Starbucks also has some yummy Christmas themed snacks, like this Christmas tree cookie:

Starbucks Christmas cookie

I think Starbucks is probably one of the most Christmassy places in Japan, besides Disneyland of course!

2 thoughts on “My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 11th

  1. Starbucks at Christmas was great. I remember it always just feeling like Christmas like I’d be at home. Of course, you’re right Disneyland was pretty amazing! I just remember how excited we were to go there and I of course remember the line of strollers. I hope you’re enjoying your final Christmas and New Year there!


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