Posted in January 2011

Twelve weeks…

I’ve been feeling strange today. Yesterday I went to “Nihon daira” (日本平) with a friend and had a really Japanese day admiring Fuji-san and listening to taiko drums (I’ll write about that later in the week once I’ve sorted out my photos).  Then, last night, I went out with some other foreign teacher’s from my … Continue reading

Chocolat Brewery

I’ve had a bit of a busy week and was feeling a little stressed so, on the way home, I decided to stop by the convenience store to get something to cheer me up. I was thinking that I would either buy beer or chocolate, but I couldn’t decide which would make me happier. Well … Continue reading

Should Japanese speak English in Japan?

I woke up to a strongly worded comment on my blog this morning. To quote: For me, Japanese, what you described about the people at the immigration office offended my feeling pretty much. Because the nuance of your story is telling me that the people at the immigration office should or must communicate with non-Japanese … Continue reading

Extending a Visa in Japan, Part 1

This is a bit ridiculous but, owing to the way that my company made my contracts, by the time I leave Japan I will have been working for three years and one month. That wouldn’t be a problem except my working visa was for only three years. Doh. So, this morning, a bright, windy January … Continue reading

Are you easily shocked?

Ladies, are you easily shocked?  (>.<) Do you find yourself constantly getting little electric shocks from everything around you? More annoyingly, does your skirt’s lining keep getting stuck on your tights, causing your skirt to ride up at inappropriate times? Damn that dry Japanese air! Don’t worry – I have stumbled upon a solution….. “Eleguard” … Continue reading

Boxed in…

Three months today, I will already be back in England. It sounds scary when I say it out loud. I have 56 more working days, that’s just over 11 weeks. And 88 total days left in Japan. For some people, three months might sound like a long time. But I know it’s going to go … Continue reading

Hello Kitty on Vacation!

My friend went to Las Vegas for her winter vacation, and look what she brought back for me! It seems even Ms. Kitty White likes to get away sometimes. I’m wondering now if I might be able to collect Kitty goods from around the world?! This is a Show Me Japan entry. Don’t forget to … Continue reading

Whales & Dolphins?! Yeah.

I have the 1996 Terrorvision song “Perseverance” playing in my head today: “Whales and dolphins, whales and dolphins, yeah.” Why? Because I discovered something shocking about my beloved Japan today. I’ve always known that some strange things are on the menu in Japan and, being a pescetarian (that’s a veggie who eats fish, by the … Continue reading

Kit Kats and Daruma

What do Kit Kats and “daruma” have in common? Both are being used to wish Japanese students luck on their entrance exams this year. For more, check out my other blog Kit Kats!

It NEVER snows in Hamamatsu…

…or so they said! 😉 I looked out of the window last night and thought, “That looks like snow!”. Throwing on a jacket over my pajamas and grabbing my camera, I dashed out into the night. I didn’t expect there to still be snow in the morning! ☆★☆ ☆★☆ I know it’s not exactly epic … Continue reading