Boxed in…

Three months today, I will already be back in England. It sounds scary when I say it out loud. I have 56 more working days, that’s just over 11 weeks. And 88 total days left in Japan.

For some people, three months might sound like a long time. But I know it’s going to go really fast. I’ve already planned out my time carefully, and that includes planning for how I’m going to get all my stuff home. I’ve amassed a fair bit of stuff over the three years I’ve been in Japan, even though I’ve been following the principle of “danshari” and throwing out as much unnecessary stuff as I can. I believe I’m just about down to the things I can’t part with now: essentials like clothes and shoes, memories like scrapbooks and souvenirs, and books.

Books, books, books! I seem to have more books than anything else! I have books about learning Japanese, travelling around Japan, Japanese culture. I have novels set in Japan and books of haiku. The majority of my books have some Japanese theme. I can’t bear to part with them. If I could, I would certainly donate them to a good cause. But I can’t. I love my books.

Even though it is perhaps a little early, my shipping boxes arrived today.

They won’t be collected until mid-March, so that means I have almost two months to pack. I actually really enjoy packing, so I decided to make a start straight away. The flat-packed boxes came with a big roll of tape, so I set about making up all the boxes so I could plan my packing carefully.

When I contacted the shipping company, I ordered boxes to make up one cubic metre. It’s really expensive to ship my stuff, but I figured it was a necessary cost. I had been worried that one cubic metre really wasn’t very big, and I would have to get serious about the “danshari”. However, once I had made up all the boxes I sat looking at them, thinking “Gosh, what a lot of boxes!” In fact, I don’t even know if I have enough stuff to fill them completely. Oops. So I have contacted the shipping company to see what happens if I don’t need a whole cubic metre. Hopefully I can just get a discount.

Today, I’m just separating things into boxes and trying to figure out what will fit where – it’s like a game of Tetris! Over the next couple of months I will be spending my spare time wrapping, packing, sorting, stuffing and getting ready to say “sayonara” to my shipment. I hope it makes it to England safely…

(There are more boxes than you can see here… )

One thought on “Boxed in…

  1. I have packed up and left Japan 4 times in the last 10 years. Each time I have to say that the service afforded by the Japanese moving company was excellent which is certainly a relief when you are dealing with the stress of an international relocation. I guess that it is a good thing that you enjoy packing. I have grown to resent it. 🙂


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