Are you easily shocked?

Ladies, are you easily shocked?  (>.<)

Do you find yourself constantly getting little electric shocks from everything around you? More annoyingly, does your skirt’s lining keep getting stuck on your tights, causing your skirt to ride up at inappropriate times?

Damn that dry Japanese air!

Don’t worry – I have stumbled upon a solution…..

Eleguard / エルガード

“Eleguard” (エルガード)

Did anyone else know about this? Have I been walking around with my eyes closed? Does this exist in England? I’ve certainly never seen such a product before.

So, today, I was complaining to my co-workers about how I keep getting these shocks, and how my skirt keeps scrunching up when I walk because my lining is sticking to my tights, and my co-worker whips out this little pink can.

“Give this a spray!” she says.

“Eh?? Anti-static spray??”

“So-ka. Anti-static. That’s how you say it in English, then?”

Yup. “Eleguard”, available from your local drugstore or convenience store in Japan, is my new saviour!  Just spray it on your clothes and the static goes away! 😀

4 thoughts on “Are you easily shocked?

  1. Ooooh I didn’t think thi existed in Japan! Can you please tell me the words for “anti static spray” in Japanese or something else I can say to a non-English speaking store clerk so they know what I’m talking about??

    My skirt has been driving me crazy with it’s clinging!!


    • You can ask for “e-ru-ga-do” if you need to ask (that’s the brand name), but you should be able to find it really easily in any convenience store or drug store. In a convenience store, it will be by the make-up and other girly bits. 🙂


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