Chocolat Brewery

I’ve had a bit of a busy week and was feeling a little stressed so, on the way home, I decided to stop by the convenience store to get something to cheer me up. I was thinking that I would either buy beer or chocolate, but I couldn’t decide which would make me happier.

Well readers, lo and behold, we no longer need to make such a choice…

Sapporo/Royce Chocolat Brewery

Chocolate beer. It’s not my first time to drink such a thing, but it is my first time to see a Sapporo and Royce collaboration! This “Chocolat Brewery” beer comes in two versions – one “bitter” and one “sweet”. Now I only need to decide which one to try first… 😉

The “sweet” can says “Chocolat Brewery is made from roasted malt and cacao, having the characteristic of mellow sweetness.” The “bitter” can says the same except “…having the characteristic of bitter taste“. Both are written like this on the can, in English. The rest of the information on the cans and packaging is in Japanese. Tonight I think I’m in the mood for… mellow sweetness.

Sapporo/Royce Chocolat Brewery

It’s hard to describe the taste. It’s not too sweet, and has a slightly bitter edge. But it’s much sweeter than, say, Guinness. I don’t know if it really tastes like chocolate… but it tastes good! 😀

This is a Show Me Japan entry. Don’t forget to check out all of the other wonderful entries!

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