Twelve weeks…

I’ve been feeling strange today.

Yesterday I went to “Nihon daira” (日本平) with a friend and had a really Japanese day admiring Fuji-san and listening to taiko drums (I’ll write about that later in the week once I’ve sorted out my photos).  Then, last night, I went out with some other foreign teacher’s from my company, who I had not met before, and had a really wonderful time eating, drinking, chatting and singing karaoke in Shizuoka. We went to this really cool izakaya which was like a cave inside, and I realised that Shizuoka actually has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and nightlife. The people I met were great and I found I had a lot in common with them – I even met another vegetarian!

This morning I met another relatively new friend for coffee and found myself wishing that I had had longer to get to know her. I also wish I had more time to get to know not only Shizuoka but the people in it. I have done loads of different things since I moved here in April but it’s starting to feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.

And so, here I am, surrounded by half-packed boxes, looking at my calendar. I have counted the days left in Japan – there are 80. It’s about 12 weeks until I fly back to England.  That sounds like so much time, but when you consider that I will be working for 51 of those 80 days, that leaves me with only 29 days to enjoy Japan.

I have to make every one count, and I have to try not to resent spending those 51 days at work when I can’t help thinking I should be having more adventures.  And on that note… it’s time to meet my friends for sushi! 😉

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