Hamamatsu Zoo: Lions and Tigers and… oh my, what are the kangaroos doing?!

On Sunday, while I was at Kanzanji, I decided to stop off at Hamamatsu Zoo, as I was passing anyway.

Hamamatsu Zoo

I had been meaning to go there, as I do quite like going to zoos. However, I have to say, I was quite disappointed. I mean, I didn’t expect much because it’s cold and I thought the animals might be inside or sleeping. But what I found was actually a bunch of animals who didn’t look very happy at all (except the kangaroos… more about them later!). Still, it only cost ¥400 to enter, so I can’t complain really. Also, I did manage to get some great photos of the animals. I just couldn’t help feeling a bit sad as I watched them…

The first animals I saw were the kangaroos. They were the liveliest of all the animals at the zoo, and certainly seemed to be enjoying their weekend. A large crowd had gathered by the fence to watch… as one particularly horny male chased a female around until he had his wicked way with her!

Everyone's having a good old look!

All the other kangaroos seemed to watching and, er, helping… It was quite a spectacle! There were a lot of kids around and, even though it was in Japanese, I’m pretty sure I heard one kid saying “what are they doing mummy?”.

The other animals were much more subdued. Most were lying about dozing or pacing their enclosures.













Don't sleep like that, Mr. Seal. You'll get a terrible crick in your neck...


Polar Bear

Naturally, the rabbits are the stars this year…

Year of the rabbit


Hamamatsu Zoo wasn’t a bad place to visit, as I was passing anyway, but if you’re in the area and want to go to a zoo, I would highly recommend Toyohashi Zoo over Hamamatsu Zoo. Of course, if you really like animals, you can’t beat Fuji Safari Park!

The full collection of photos from Hamamtsu Zoo can be found on Flickr, as usual.

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