Happy Valentine’s Day!

As you may or may not know, I don’t really like Valentine’s Day much. It’s so over-commercialised – especially in Japan! Here, it’s all about the chocolate. For a few weeks before the event, the shops become full of over-priced, crazily packaged chocolates. I was tempted to buy some just to share with you on this blog, but I knew I’d end up eating them myself, so I refrained. 😉

On Valentine’s Day in Japan, girls have to do all the hard work. They have to give chocolates to the man in their life and to co-workers and friends (not just guys!). It’s not just a romantic gesture, it’s become a general gesture of thanks. I received a few from my co-workers and students:

Valentine's chocolates

As well as the deluxe chocolates available in the shops, there are also a lot of chocolate making goods available. Many girls like to make their own chocolates and cookies and package them themselves.

On March 14th, guys are supposed to return the gesture for White Day. However, I don’t think they go to half as much trouble.

Oh, and the funny thing about Valentine’s Day? All the chocolate etc. will be gone tomorrow without a trace! Where does it go?! Surely they don’t just waste it??

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day from Haikugirl’s Japan! 

Valentine's chocolates

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