Posted on March 11, 2011


While I was in a meeting at work today I felt my biggest earthquake yet. The doors and desks were shaking and rattling, and everything seemed to be moving. It was really scary. I felt so strange inside, too. It was like when you get off a rollercoaster and you can’t find your feet. I … Continue reading

Is it a bird, is it a plane…?

No. It’s a PET bottle. Just one of the many curious things I saw while walking around in the countryside. Is it just a decoration? Or does it serve some purpose? It’s cute, anyway. 🙂

Fukuroi adventure…

…or, “the day I accidentally went hiking, photographed mating frogs, got invited into a shrine, found a fire god and ate too many dango“. Monday was a curious day. About a week ago I realised that I had no plans on Monday 7th March. In fact, it was the only remaining day before I leave … Continue reading