While I was in a meeting at work today I felt my biggest earthquake yet. The doors and desks were shaking and rattling, and everything seemed to be moving. It was really scary. I felt so strange inside, too. It was like when you get off a rollercoaster and you can’t find your feet. I felt kind of sick, actually.

According to the BBC, the earthquake was 8.9 in magnitude and hit north Japan, around Sendai. There was also a tsunami. I can’t find out if anyone was hurt yet. I just hope everyone is ok.

It was weird. As we were walking towards the emergency exit, trying to decide if it really was an emergency or not, my thoughts were all over the place. My first thought was of New Zealand and the recent disaster in Christchurch (where my friend lives). I also thought about my family and friends back home. I thought about my cell phone, which was in the back room. And I thought, “is this it?” There is supposed to be a big “Tokai earthquake” sometime soon, and I thought perhaps it was now. Thank god it wasn’t.

Still, my prayers are with everyone in the affected area. I’m feeling a little freaked out but glad it wasn’t worse here.

7 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. just watchin bbc news, 26 people so far confirned killed, hope ur ok, and my thoughts are with all the people in Japan. how far away from you was the epicentre?


  2. I just heard the news on the radio. And I thought about you, (you are the only person I know in Japan…and we haven’t even me.) I’m glad that you are ok. I’ve seen some photos on cnn and it looks devestating. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan in this time. Peace.


  3. glad you’re ok. That you could feel enough effects to evacuate a building 575 km away from the epicentre shows how strong this earthquake was. Frightening.


  4. Thanks for your comments everyone! I wrote this post during my lunchbreak, on my cell phone, so sorry for the lack of information. I’m going to write a follow up post now…


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