Moving update

My shipment of boxes was due to be collected today, but I was doubting that it would all go according to plan after the recent disaster in Japan. Of course, I would have understood my plans having to change but naturally I didn’t want to have to re-plan everything I had already planned so carefully.

Fortunately, my boxes were just collected! 😀 I was really surprised when the doorbell rang, actually. I’m using Shipmates, which is part of the Vanpac Group Asia. From the moment I first asked them for a quote their service has been outstanding. Today, my boxes were collected by Seino Transport (who Shipmates use for smaller moves like mine). The guy was really friendly and wouldn’t let me help him much.

So, now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that, in approximately six weeks, I will be reunited with my stuff! My apartment is looking very empty now – which means it’s time for me to clean! *snaps on rubber gloves and turns on iPod*

3 thoughts on “Moving update

  1. Doh. Seino guy just came back. The roads are crowded and he can’t get to Tokyo because of the traffic etc. I *think* he’s going to keep my stuff at his company until he can deliver it to Shipmates. I knew this was going too smoothly to be true…


  2. Glad to hear that you are doing ok & your plans remain on schedule.
    Take care, good luck with everything & I look forward to seeing you when you’re back in the UK xx


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