It’s nothing to do with the earthquake!

Talk about bad timing.

This week at school we started announcing my imminent departure. Naturally students are surprised and, as I suspected would happen, I have already been asked a few times:

“Are you leaving because of the earthquake???”

So I’d just like to clear this up:

No. I am not leaving because of the earthquake (or the tsunami, or the threat of nuclear disaster that the media won’t shut up about). Actually, I’ve been planning to leave for the last five months and bought my ticket at Christmas (I’ll show you if you don’t believe me). It’s just that it’s my company’s policy not to announce that someone is leaving until one month before they leave.

The timing sucks.

Actually, I want to stay. I mean, of course, given recent events I’m looking forward to being close to my family and friends in England, and it will be nice to be in a country which usually doesn’t have earthquakes, but I will miss Japan and my friends here terribly. Of course, I will also worry about my friends in Japan until things have settled down (and probably beyond).

Once I tell people I’m leaving, the next natural question is:


This is a difficult question to answer and I still haven’t come up with a good response. My basic line is:

“Well… I’ve been in Japan three years now. It’s time to go home and be with my family.”

At which point people usually say:

“Ah. So you’re homesick. Is it because of the earthquake?”

Sigh. 😦

So, let me make this clear to everyone:

  • I am not leaving because of the earthquake.
  • I am not running away from Japan.
  • I am not homesick.
  • I love Japan.
  • I would stay in Japan if I could have my cake and eat it too, but we all know it’s difficult to do that.

Talking of cake…

Matcha chou

I’m eating as much “matcha” flavoured food as I can before I leave! 😉

2 thoughts on “It’s nothing to do with the earthquake!

  1. I think Japan is to you what New Zealand is to me!
    Take care & hope your remaining days in Japan are all happy ones xx


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