Posted on April 4, 2011

Everything’s coming up sakura…

Spring seems to have sprung in Hamamatsu and the cherry blossom (sakura) is starting to bloom.  For more than a month now I have been seeing sakura designs on everything from alcoholic drinks: ☆★☆ To Starbucks: To my co-worker’s fingernails: And muffins: Sakura symbolises more than just the start of spring in Japan. Sakura has … Continue reading

Five gaijin walk into a shed…

…and get some very funny looks from the kids playing baseball nearby. Why? Because this is a special shed. An… “adult” shed, if you will. Yes, this shed contains porn. Actually, vending machines full of porn. They didn’t photograph well because they were covered in thick plastic (probably to stop the likes of us taking … Continue reading

Origami gift

This is just amazing. What’s even more amazing is that a male student (in his 20s) made this for me… 🙂

Alone in Kyoto

The title of this blog comes from the wonderful Air song, “Alone in Kyoto”, which I had playing in my head all day last Sunday (27th March). (NB. Video is not mine, it’s from buggyrun, and I just found it on YouTube.) This song seems very appropriate for wandering around Arashiyama, as I did. My … Continue reading