Five gaijin walk into a shed…

…and get some very funny looks from the kids playing baseball nearby. Why? Because this is a special shed. An… “adult” shed, if you will.

"Adult" shed

Yes, this shed contains porn. Actually, vending machines full of porn.

"Adult" shed

They didn’t photograph well because they were covered in thick plastic (probably to stop the likes of us taking photographs), but basically they contained everything from DVDs to costumes to panties in a can.

What was really amazing was that this shed was right next to a baseball field on which kids were practicing. (>_<)

Just in case you were wondering, I don’t make it a habit to wander into these kinds of places! My friends and I were on a random GPS-guided tour and someone suggested we stop by because they had visited it before and thought it was a gaijin-must-see. 😉

Our actual mission was to go to Tenryugawa, where we found a lovely little shrine surrounded by red trees…


Nearly got eaten alive by monkeys (well, we didn’t actually see any but…).

Does this say "warning - monkeys"?!

And had a conbini-picnic by the river…


Even saw a little cherry blossom on the way back to the car:

Cherry blossom

Interesting times! 😉

4 thoughts on “Five gaijin walk into a shed…

  1. Whoa. I think we’ve all heard rumor of the machines that sell panties, but I wasn’t sure they really existed. Dodgy!


  2. That’s hilarious. People always ask me about the naughty vending machines, but I never actually knew where any were. I think it’s hilarious that this one was in a shed next to a baseball field–I always pictured them in the back alleys of Shinjuku or somewhere like that.


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