Tokyo, I’m on my way!

I’m unemployed and currently of no fixed abode, but today I am on my way to Tokyo! 😀

Finishing my job yesterday was quite surreal. Everyone walked me to the elevator and said goodbye. Off I went clutching bags of presents, with a head full of memories; some good, some not so. Life at my company certainly had its ups and downs, but at least I know I always did my best, and that was appreciated by most of the people around me.

Now, Tokyo. As I mentioned before, I’ve had to change my plans because of earthquake related stuff. But I’m happy with my plan now – I think it’s going to be an excellent week!

I will spend eight nights in Tokyo and try to cram in as many sights as I can. Naturally I will be too busy to blog in depth, so instead I have decided to blog a photo a day while I’m in Tokyo. When I am back in the UK I will of course write everything up in detail. So, please watch this space for daily mini-blogs about my Tokyo adventure!

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