Posted on May 13, 2011

Volunteer for Japan

I swear, if I had the money and if I wasn’t in the middle of looking for a job, I would be calling InsideJapan Tours right now. Why? Because they just advertised a “Volunteer for Japan” package: Quoting from their Facebook page: How can I volunteer to help the Tohoku relief effort? Among the kind words … Continue reading

Support Japan Bra

I just read this on Daily Triumph Creates “Support Japan Bra”. Apparently, “The popular lingerie manufacturer Triumph created a new and odd model named “Support Japan Bra”. The lingerie doesn’t consist only in bras, but in differed lingerie pieces. They all carry messages of encouragement for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.” Hmm. The … Continue reading

This is not just sushi…

…it’s M&S sushi! 😉 Yesterday I popped to Chichester, which is just a bit nicer than Bognor Regis. Because it’s nicer, there’s a better selection of shops. I went into M&S (Marks & Spencer) to check out their sushi range. They actually had quite a lot of choices (considering where I was), but all of … Continue reading

Making onigiri – in England!

Many of you will be shocked to know that, a couple of days ago, I woke up and decided to cook! I’m not known for my cooking, but I do enjoy having a go. When I went to the supermarket last weekend, I picked up some ingredients to try to make my own onigiri (rice … Continue reading