Support Japan Bra

I just read this on Daily Gossip.orgTriumph Creates “Support Japan Bra”. Apparently, “The popular lingerie manufacturer Triumph created a new and odd model named “Support Japan Bra”. The lingerie doesn’t consist only in bras, but in differed lingerie pieces. They all carry messages of encouragement for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.”


The article says, “The lingerie is not for sale. The concept was created as part of a tradition that the company follows. Two times a year, it releases unique bras in order to reflect social trends. This time, the “social trend” wasn’t concentrated on something positive, so Triumph thought of getting something good out of it. “We thought it better to deliver our feelings of support through the product” said a spokesman for the company.

I sort of see what they’re saying, but wouldn’t it be better to make something as a fund-raiser? What do you think?

(NB. This is not my picture. I borrowed it from here.)

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