Posted in June 2011

Are you feeling hot, hot, hot?

So, Loco of Loco in Yokohama fame is collecting suggestions for how to keep cool in the Japanese summer heat – or how to have some hot fun in the summertime. When I think of summer in Japan, I think of two things. One is the intense humidity which makes sweat run off your body … Continue reading

Brighton Japan Festival update #2

The sun was shining on the Brighton Japan Festival for its final day today – and what a day it was! I have hundreds of photos and loads of videos to sort out from yesterday and today and, owing to a busy week, I think the earliest I will be able to share any of … Continue reading

Brighton Japan Festival update

The Brighton Japan Festival is back this weekend with the Asahi Anime Festival, which has a focus on modern pop culture (i.e. anime, manga, cosplay, fashion). The whole place was alive with colours, costumes and cakes! Unfortunately, due to a slight technical hitch here in sunny Bognor Regis, I can’t upload my photos and share … Continue reading

A-Z of Japan: B is for…

Continuing with my A-Z of Japan series, today it’s time for B. I thought for a while about what should represent B – should it perhaps be baseball (a very popular sport in Japan), Buddhism (one of Japan’s two main religions) or bento (弁当) (Japanese lunch boxes made with precision and care)? All are worthy … Continue reading

A box of green goodies from Japan!

I’ve been home exactly two months and am still missing Japan so much. I get my little Japan-fixes whenever and wherever I can, but it’s still hard some days. As I’m sure you can imagine, I was thrilled to come home to a box from Japan yesterday, and even more thrilled to open it and … Continue reading

Brighton Japan Festival: Moshi Matsuri, Saturday 18th June 2011

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Brighton Japan Festival (ブライトン日本フェスティバル) today, and feel like I’ve just returned from a day-trip to Japan! 😀 It was everything I had hoped for – and more. There was traditional music, modern music, stalls selling interesting and cute Japanese items and food glorious food. The whole event … Continue reading

A-Z of Japan: A is for…

Today I’m starting a new series called “A-Z of Japan”, where I will choose one Japan-related topic to represent each letter of the alphabet every week. If possible, I’m going to choose less obvious topics. For example, today I will be looking at A. I could write about anime (アニメ), Akiba (アキバ), AKB48, Asakusa (浅草), … Continue reading