Rilakkuma & Pancakes!

Still continuing with my adventures in the Tokyo area, it was April 20th and I had had quite a geeky day. I had visited the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka and an area which is known for GeGeGe no Kitaro nearby, but I wasn’t done yet. Earlier in the week, I had attempted to visit the Rilakkuma Store in Tokyo Station, only to find out that it had been closed. I was very disappointed, and not at all satisfied with a visit to Kiddy Land instead, so I continued searching for Rilakkuma Stores in Tokyo. As luck would have it, I found mention of one in Kichijoji – right where I was! šŸ˜€

On the official Rilakkuma Store page, it’s the one at the bottom of this link, which says: ćƒŖ惩惃ć‚Æćƒžć‚¹ćƒˆć‚¢ 吉ē„„åÆŗåŗ— (sorry, it’s all in Japanese). The store is in a shopping centre called Coppice, and it’s not far from Kichijoji Station. There’s a great map and a video of directions here.

Copice, Kichijoji

Once you get inside Coppice, the Rilakkuma Store is in an area called ć‚­ćƒ£ćƒ©ćƒ‘ćƒ¼ć‚Æ (Character Park):

ć‚­ćƒ£ćƒ©ćƒ‘ćƒ¼ć‚Æ at Copice, Kichijoji

Here, you can find all sorts of characters, not just Rilakkuma. It’s wonderful!

ć‚­ćƒ£ćƒ©ćƒ‘ćƒ¼ć‚Æ at Copice, Kichijoji

RilakkumaĀ (ćƒŖ惩惃ć‚Æ惞), in case you don’t know, is a popular San-X bear character in Japan. His name comes from the words “relax” and “kuma” (“kuma” is bear in Japanese), and he’s very, very cute!

Rilakkuma Store, Kichijoji

It was my first time to go to a Rilakkuma Store, and I felt like I was in heaven!

Rilakkuma Store, Kichijoji


Rilakkuma Store, Kichijoji

I was in the store for sooooo long, and wanted to buy everything! I probably should have set myself a budget or something, but I didn’t. I just tried to limit myself to small and useful things.

Like these pocket stickers:

Rilakkuma pocket seals

This Rilakkuma bento origami paper:

Rilakkuma bento origami paper

A hair band:

Rilakkuma hair band

A tin full of little chocolate balls:

Rilakkuma Store tin with chocolate balls

This cotton stole:

Rilakkuma Stole

And this fabulous strap, which I made up from pieces myself:

Rilakkuma strap

I got chatting to the girl at the counter, who was really friendly, and I told her how happy I was to find a Rilakkuma Store. She then told me about a special offer that was happening at the time. As you may or may not know, Rilakkuma loves pancakes. Well, the Rilakkuma Store in Kichijoji had teamed up with nearby cafe Pancake Days to create a special Rilakkuma range! (Actually, I don’t know if it was just in Kichijoji or if the offer was available in other areas too.) The girl gave me directions to the cafe and, with slight difficulty, I found it.

Pancake Days, Kichijoji


Pancake Days, Kichijoji

Here’s the special menu:

Pancake Days, Kichijoji

Pancake Days usually sell cute pancakes with smiley faces on them, but these Rilakkuma ones were limited. I ordered the strawberry one – which was huge and sickly, but wonderful!

Rilakkuma pancakes at Pancake Days, Kichijoji

Also, because I had visited the Rilakkuma Store and received a postcard from the sales clerk, I was able to get this special Rilakkuma pancake to take home for free!

Rilakkuma pancake

It was the perfect end to a wonderfully geeky day! šŸ˜€

One thought on “Rilakkuma & Pancakes!

  1. Rilakkuma is my favorite character, and I didn’t even know there was a Rilakkuma store! It looks like the pancakes are probably over, but still, I might need to go to Kichijoji this weekend!


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