Japan in the UK: Upcoming events

I’ve often mentioned on this blog how much I think everyone should VISIT JAPAN at the moment, but what if you can’t? Personally, having just got back, I know I can’t realistically afford to go to Japan again for at least another year. So how can I quench my thirst for all things Japanese when stuck in England?

Actually, right now that’s not such a difficult question to answer.

In the next couple of months there seems to be an abundance of Japan-related events happening right here in the UK. So here’s a rundown…

18-26 June 2011
Brighton Japan Festivalhttp://www.brightonjapan.com

I’m very excited about this festival and really wish I could attend everything. The programme is packed with a variety of events, from traditional arts like koto and shamisen, right up to modern J-pop and anime. On 18th and 19th June there will be the “Moshi Matsuri“, “A fantastic open air festival celebrating traditional Japanese food and culture!” where Bartholomew Square in Brighton “will be transformed into an explosion of colour – with family friendly activities, shitamachi-style decorations and 30 stalls selling Japanese food, sweets, kimono and gifts.” On 25th and 26th June there will be the “Asahi Anime Festival“, which is a “celebration of Japanese animation, comics and everything which is popular in Japan.” Bartholomew Square will be “filled with colourful fashionistas and crazy manga characters.

Most of the events at this festival are free, but there are also a number of events and workshops which you have to pay for, such as a special screening of Lost in Translation (sigh… my favourite movie!).

Check out the Brighton Japan Festival website for more information! 😀


25 June 2011
Okinawa Day 2011: http://www.okinawaday.org.uk

This event is happening at Spitalfields, London E1. The event includes performing arts (folk and classical music, taiko drumming), arts and crafts, food, and tourism information.

Unfortunately I can’t make it to this event though, as it clashes with the Brighton Japan Festival. But, if you’re in London on the day, why not check it out? It appears to be free…


2-3 July 2011
Japanese Art Festival: http://www.japaneseartfestival.com/

This event also takes place in London. It’s at Conway Hall in Holborn, and the timings are yet to be confirmed. The festival includes all kinds of Japan-related events, such as traditional music, martial arts and cosplay! The event costs £7 in advance or £10 on the door, per day.


22-24 July 2011
Hyper Japan 2011: http://www.hyperjapan.co.uk/

I’m very excited about Hyper Japan, and really must get my ticket soon! The event is held over three days, at Olympia Two in London. Tickets start at £12 for a one-day ticket (if you buy in advance). There’s so much happening at this event that I hardly know where to begin, but highlights include: UK Kawaii Star of the Year, taiko drumming and the Sushi Awards. Wherever I’m living by then, I simply have to go! I can’t wait!! 😀


18 September 2011
Japan Matsuri 2011: http://japanmatsuri.com/

Another London event – this is one I’ve been looking forward to since last year (I was in Japan last year, but still gutted to have missed this!). Details of this event are still to be confirmed, but I’m sure it’s going to be spectacular. Watch this space!


Given my current job/living situation, it’s a little difficult to make any fixed plans about attending these events. However, I will definitely be attending both weekend festivals at the Brighton Japan Festival, and will do my best to attend one day of Hyper Japan and also the Japan Matsuri in London.

Are you also in the UK? Are you planning on attending any of these events? Let me know! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Japan in the UK: Upcoming events

  1. Nice post for anyone in the UK who’s looking to attend some J-events. I’m sure when I go back I’ll be looking for stuff in the eastern US.

    If only Japan weren’t so damn far, aye?


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