Nanoblock Pig!

You might remember that last Christmas I bought myself a Nanoblock Santa. Well, this week I was lucky enough to win a Nanoblock Pig!

Yes, that’s right, the lovely people over at Nanoblock UK on Facebook chose me as one of the winners in their Nanoblock Pig competition, and I’m thrilled! So thrilled in fact, that I’ve put together a special little Nanoblock Pig video… Enjoy! 😉

(And yes, before someone mentions it, I know the song actually isn’t about pigs, but it’s so cute and it’s about farms, so I decided to use it!)

For more information, check out the Nanoblock UK site (which is coming soon, as I write this) or their Facebook page. If you can read Japanese, you might also be interested in the Japanese Nanoblock page.

Also, there will be a Nanoblock stand at Hyper Japan 2011 (London, 22 – 24 July), so if you want some of your own, why not check it out?

6 thoughts on “Nanoblock Pig!

  1. Oh my goodness. Old McDonald as sung by Japanese school children. I’ve never heard anything so cute. *melts*

    I’m a sucker for Legos and the like, Need to check out these nanoblocks.


    • I know!! Isn’t it the best? I always get it stuck in my head though. Haha! 🙂

      Nanoblocks are seriously cool. In Japan you can get like Nanoblock castles and temples and stuff. I could be a total Nanoblock otaku if I had the money!


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