Hello Kitty on toast…

Hello Kitty is so much more popular in England than she used to be! I’ve been really surprised to see Kitty-chan all over the place here. Seeing her little face always makes me smile, especially when I find her in places where I wouldn’t expect to – such as the canned goods aisle in my local supermarket.

Hello Kitty Heinz Pasta Shapes

Yes, that’s right, Hello Kitty now comes in a can!

Hello Kitty Heinz Pasta Shapes

The shapes are a little iffy, but I did make out some bows, apples and Kitty-chan herself (I think!). I have never been a fan of canned pasta shapes in tomato sauce (I just don’t like the taste), but luckily my mum does like them and agreed to eating Hello Kitty on toast just so I could photograph it! Thanks mum! 😉

Hello Kitty Heinz Pasta Shapes

3 thoughts on “Hello Kitty on toast…

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    • Hi Jun
      はじめまして!Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment.
      Your blog looks interesting! Thank you for telling me about it. 🙂


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