Posted on July 8, 2011

My Big Impact

I’ve spent a lot of time recently listening to BBC Radio 2 (while job hunting of course) and that has led me to be writing this post today. A few weeks ago I heard an advert for a feature on a show in which listeners could describe the book, play, painting, film, musical, sculpture or … Continue reading

A-Z of Japan: D is for…

Anyone who knows me will know that there is only one possible topic for this week’s A-Z of Japan. In my mind, D is not for dango (団子), Doraemon (ドラえもん) or Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール). D is for… Daibutsu! Daibutsu (大仏) are giant Buddha statues, and I love them. In fact, I love them so much that … Continue reading