My Big Impact

I’ve spent a lot of time recently listening to BBC Radio 2 (while job hunting of course) and that has led me to be writing this post today. A few weeks ago I heard an advert for a feature on a show in which listeners could describe the book, play, painting, film, musical, sculpture or poem that has made a big impact on their life. Just for the fun of it, I decided to enter mine.

Little did I know that it would lead to a call from BBC Radio 2, and being recorded to appear on the show!  The clip was aired tonight, and will be available on BBC Radio 2’s “listen again” feature for the next week (I think).

Why am I talking about this here on Haikugirl’s Japan? Well… what do you think my “Big Impact” was? Of course, there has to be a connection to Japan! Listen here to find out (I’m on about 22 minutes after the show starts).

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