3 reasons to go to Hyper Japan this weekend

In case you didn’t know, Hyper Japan is on in London this weekend (Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th July). I’m getting very excited about the event, and thought I’d share some reasons why you simply must attend.

Choosing just three items from the incredible line-up was not easy, so in the end I managed to narrow it down to three topics…

1. Food!

There is going to be so much amazing food at Hyper Japan, I think I’m going to be spoilt for choice! Highlights include: YO! Sushi, Cocoro Restaurant, Cyber Candy, Bento Ramen and Minamoto Kitchoan. There will also be the 2011 Sushi Awards.

Hmm… so I think I’ll have sushi for lunch, followed by some Pocky… then ramen for dinner followed by some wagashi…

2. Cute!

Japan is the land of cute, and there will be plenty of examples of kawaii culture at Hyper Japan. You can sit back and enjoy the Maid Cafe Experience from maid★planet, browse the cuteness that is Tofu Cute or get yourself some kawaii accessories from Roxie Sweetheart.

Personally, I’m hoping there are some cute cupcakes at the maid cafe… 🙂

3. Culture!

Hyper Japan doesn’t just cover pop-culture. There will also be opportunities to enjoy traditional culture at the event, such as music from Joji Hirota, kimono from Fuji Kimono and beautiful crafts and craft kits from Japan Crafts.

Of course, if you want to wear a kimono to the event you won’t be alone. In fact, Kimono De Jack actively encourage it! Maybe I should dig out my yukata…


Hyper Japan is on at Olympia Two in London this weekend (22-24 July). Tickets can be bought here (or on the door), and the full show guide can be downloaded here.

For more information about everything mentioned above just click on the links. All pictures are from the Hyper Japan website.

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