Posted in August 2011

Introducing: Yoyo Market

Living in Japan? Wishing you could find a way to easily order from Costco and IKEA? Look no further! Yoyo Market brings you the finest goods from IKEA and Costco straight to your door, anywhere in Japan. Not only do they offer the widest selection of Costco goods in Japan, they also stock loads of … Continue reading

Traditionally Kawaii

Emily over at My Kawaii Space is having a Kawaii Blog Festa, and I couldn’t resist joining in! I like a lot of “kawaii” (cute) things, like Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, cupcakes… but today I thought I’d write about something a little different – something traditionally kawaii. This is my collection of Japanese dolls. There are … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Cha no Ma

I really am lucky to be working near Baker Street! One of the many reasons is that I’m within walking distance of a lovely little Japanese cafe called Cha no Ma. (Photo from the Cha no Ma website) You could easily walk past Cha no Ma without noticing it. The cafe sits humbly on busy … Continue reading

Introducing: Sushi Sushi

There are actually a lot of ways to satisfy your needs for Japanese food when living in the UK, but here’s one you might not know about… Sushi Sushi are a Barnsley-based online shop selling Japanese food, confectionery and ingredients, as well as tableware and cookware. Their website also shows you how to make sushi … Continue reading

A-Z of Japan: K is for…

There are so many things that K could be for in my A-Z of Japan. Perhaps karate (空手), karaoke (カラオケ), kimono (着物) or kabuki (歌舞伎)? Kamakura (鎌倉市), Kyoto (京都), or Kanazawa (金沢市)? I was tempted to write about kawaii culture, but Emily over at My Kawaii Space does that better than I ever could (Do check out her Hello Kitty competition, by … Continue reading

A taste of summer in Japan…

This month’s Japan Blog Matsuri theme is Summer Lovin’, and so I’ve been thinking a lot about what summer in Japan is like. For the most part, it’s incredibly hot, ridiculously humid, and not a season I miss at all. At times, the heat is so intense that it makes doing anything quite impossible. Working … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Koya

One of the marks of a good Japanese restaurant in the UK is whether or not Japanese people eat there. I went to London’s Koya the other night, under recommendation from Japanese friends. Stepping into the small, slightly cramped restaurant felt like stepping into Japan. The smell, the atmosphere, the decor – it was all … Continue reading

This week I have been mostly eating…

…Japanese food! 😀 Yes, it’s been a really good week for me, and now I want to share a little of that with you. I’ll be writing separately about a great Japanese restaurant I went to, but here are the home-cooked treats I’ve sampled this week. I was invited to my friends’ house yesterday, and … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Nambu-tei

Working near Baker Street Station in London is proving to be very good, food-wise. There are a number of Japanese restaurants in the area, and here’s the first one I sampled… Nambu-tei Nambu-tei (なんぶ亭) is the best Japanese restaurant I have encountered in London so far. The food and atmosphere are completely authentic, and I really … Continue reading

Charity at Hyper Japan

This is, finally, my last post about Hyper Japan (which happened in July). Sorry it’s taken me so long to write about everything, but there was just so much cool stuff there! As well as all the amazing displays of Japanese culture (both modern and traditional), there was an important theme of “Genki Giving“. Throughout … Continue reading