Hyper Japan: More Than Manga

My article was published on the Hyper Japan website – check it out!

Hyper Japan: More Than Manga

2 thoughts on “Hyper Japan: More Than Manga

  1. Hi there! I couldn’t agree more with your article. There was so much to see at HJ, I do enjoy watching the odd anime but I find traditional culture and customs fascinating and enjoy learning about them far more than I ever could enjoy pop-culture.
    I was lucky enough to be working a summer job in London at the time as we have nothing like this back in Ireland. I was there all day Friday and I was amazed at literally every stall! I had never even seen sushi or ramen before let alone the many culinary delights that were available to try. The traditional music was great to see, especially Joji Hirota. The pop-culture was interesting too but some of it is a little weird for me, I think the pinnacle of weirdness was the maid café dance – the faces I saw when I looked around were priceless!


    • Hi Frazer
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed my article, and I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed Hyper Japan, too.
      I hope you continue to enjoy learning about Japanese culture!
      Best, Ali (*^^)v


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