This week I have been mostly eating…

…Japanese food! 😀

Yes, it’s been a really good week for me, and now I want to share a little of that with you. I’ll be writing separately about a great Japanese restaurant I went to, but here are the home-cooked treats I’ve sampled this week.

I was invited to my friends’ house yesterday, and we ate a veritable feast of Japanese yumminess.

Japanese dinner in Finchley

There was okonomiyaki (which we nicknamed “okonomiyaki pie” due to its thickness). It contained prawns, and was really good!

Japanese dinner in Finchley

The okonomiyaki was just a starter. Then, we had soba noodles, which we put into soup.

Japanese dinner in Finchley

We ate some mackerel with the noodles and soup, and added some spices.

Then today, randomly, my colleagues decided to have a Japanese lunch at work. One of my colleagues brought in some shiso leaves, so another colleague made shiso rice:

Japanese lunch at work

(Yes, shiso comes in both green and purple, which I didn’t know before!)

We also had inarizushi (the pockets came from the Japan Centre).

Japanese lunch at work

I donated some leftovers which my friend gave me last night – vegetables cooked in miso:

Japanese lunch at work

And, for dessert, there were homemade macarons! (Not Japanese, but very popular in Japan.)

Japanese lunch at work

My next task is to learn how to make some of this food myself… 😉

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